You got to pay to make your way. Trapped in a dark dimension in an endless series of rooms, your only hope lies in the almighty coin. Can you make enough to get out of here? A single player 2D platformer. Navigate your way to money and freedom while avoiding unnecessarily placed traps. Can you make it home?


W / Space Bar / Up Arrow ---- Jump

A / Left Arrow ---- Move Left

D / Right Arrow ---- Move Right

Space, Enter ---- Select Menu Item

Enter ---- Pause Menu

Esc ---- Back


Download 17 MB


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First off, awesome game.

Secondly, Can I have a hint for level 46, up until now I've always known how to do the level and realise it's just my mistakes stopping me, but level 46 has me stumped completely.

Edit: Never mind I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to adapt... Still did it tho

I appear to be stuck on level 2 and there's no way to get out of the bottom of the level, and no way to restart the level. Maybe I've missed something, or maybe the game's just unwinnable and I have to hit refresh?

Press Enter and select Restart. I won't give away the solution, but it is winnable.

Hey Stuart, thanks for checking out our game. Sorry you hit a snag. It is winnable. Don't want to spoil the solution either, just be careful how far you push. Hope you enjoy the game and any feedback you have would be great.

Aha! Enter, eh? Cool. It may be worth showing that in-game somehow. No problem with getting "stuck", as long as there's an in-game way to restart. (It might even be nice to actually detect that situation and show an in-game alert about it ("ENTER to restart" as a banner or something?))